One Weird Trick To Become A Better Teacher

Study improvisational theater. Seriously. That’s the trick. I mean it. If I could add one required course to all pedagogy curricula, it would be one that teaches improvisational games, like the sort you see on Who’s Line Is It Anyway. I never had to take such a course. I was never a drama kid (IContinue reading “One Weird Trick To Become A Better Teacher”

Meat As Lessons In Mortality

Over the weekend, I was preparing chicken for cooking. I had bought a whole bird, because I thought I wanted to roast it whole (and it was cheap that way!), but when I decided to cook it, I realized I wanted it cut into pieces. So I started cutting it up, something I don’t thinkContinue reading “Meat As Lessons In Mortality”

Icebreakers: Broken or Cool?

I’m reaching the end of the first week of the fall semester at my institution; you might be just getting ready to start or maybe you’ve been holding classes for a couple weeks. So of course you’re probably thinking about those awkward first classes yourself, like I am. Like most people who have been teachingContinue reading “Icebreakers: Broken or Cool?”

Does Art Persuade?

I spent a lot of summer depressed. This is pretty normal for me. But I want to talk about a particular set of triggers that had me in a really serious existential crisis. I’ve been playing Persona 5, and I’ve been enjoying the fantasy of it quite a lot. The various representations of how victimsContinue reading “Does Art Persuade?”

The Problem With Required Syllabus Language

It’s August, which of course for all of us teachers, we’re dusting off our syllabi and getting excited about some new teaching technique that we can’t wait to try and abandon when it turns out to be entirely unrealistic for our excessive teaching loads[1]. I recently read an excellent syllabus that balanced clever on-topic graphicalContinue reading “The Problem With Required Syllabus Language”

Dear Conservatives: You Will Lose Your Guns, And It Will Be Your Fault

I didn’t want to write about mass shootings for my first blog post. I didn’t. I had planned something cheery like a joke about “Hello world!” I really had. But this America and this is 2019, and I must speak out, so here we are. I was raised around guns, trained to shoot first onContinue reading “Dear Conservatives: You Will Lose Your Guns, And It Will Be Your Fault”

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