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The Embodied Literature Review: A Classroom Activity

Last week, I introduced my students to the genre of the literature review. This is, for most first year composition students, an entirely alien genre, since it’s largely the province of academic work. However, the course I’m teaching requires, as part of its description, that my students produce an annotated bibliography of 15-20 sources andContinue reading “The Embodied Literature Review: A Classroom Activity”

What Is Genre Chauvinism?

I’m sure there’s a better term for this, and I really ought to know it given my dissertation work, but lately in my head the term that’s been sticking for the way that certain genres (which, not coincidentally, are often those associated with youth or women) are unfairly considered unimportant or even toxic is genreContinue reading “What Is Genre Chauvinism?”

The Walled Garden

One day in graduate school, I told to my thesis adviser (and later dissertation adviser) that I felt like I was being kept in a walled garden in the English department. English as a discipline had appealed to me initially because it’s so diverse in their topics and methods of study. Here, I could borrowContinue reading “The Walled Garden”