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Photo of Angela R Cox
Angela R. Cox

I’m a writer and a teacher. I have a Ph.D in English Rhetoric and Composition and have been teaching college writing for a decade. My research focuses on looking at digital media and genre in ways that value audiences and fans while appreciating creator work. I am especially interested in game studies. I write optimistic but complex second-world fantasy. I often stream my writing process on Twitch and sometimes stream Let’s Plays of games.

This blog focuses primarily on teaching, writing, and digital media. Sometimes cats.

This is an inclusive space, and we’re all learners here. Let me know if you have any ideas I can implement to make my work more accessible!

My most recent blog posts are below. Thank you for visiting!

–Dr. Cox

Paragraphs, Chapters, and Other Breaks

When I was in elementary school, I couldn’t figure out paragraph breaks, no matter how many times my teachers tried to explain them to me. My paragraphs were always too long or too short, evidently. It was always the same feedback. Paragraph breaks are a higher level of separation. Above that, chapter breaks. Above even…

Punctuation and Visual Rhythm

Recently I was proofreading a novel draft of mine, and I came across this sentence: Anne advanced; he retreated; she cornered him against a wall and pounded his shoulders. Now, I love me some semicolons, so it’s no surprise that I would somehow manage to get two into a single sentence in the first five…

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Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. All views expressed in this site are my own and do not represent any organization I am or have been affiliated with.