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Stairs in Stair Quest Ranked

Stair Quest is a parody game that pays homage to all those memorable climbs in old Sierra games. It’s by No More For Today and if you haven’t played it, I really do recommend that you do. If you have any memory of Sierra games, you probably also have memory of at least one staircaseContinue reading “Stairs in Stair Quest Ranked”

Memento Mori: A Visit to Beech Grove

Something that is safe and pleasant right now is to take a walk in your local cemetery. In a twist that runs contrary to every impulse most people have, the living are dangerous right now, but the dead? Perfectly safe. Cemeteries used to be popular gathering places, no different than other parks. People would haveContinue reading “Memento Mori: A Visit to Beech Grove”

Facing Mistakes: What Being Mature Means

On a recent Sunday, I woke up 7 minutes after I was supposed to be at choir rehearsal. This is, of course, my greatest fear in life. Not missing choir rehearsal specifically, but the thing I dread most, literally the thing that keeps me awake at night, is being late to social obligations. This isContinue reading “Facing Mistakes: What Being Mature Means”

Flu Shots: Report From Spring Break 2020

I get my flu shot every year, religiously. I have a hundred students every semester, give or take; most of them live in dorms, where disease travels as easily as a leaf down a stream. As such, I consider myself at elevated risk for flu—not as much at risk as, say, a pediatrician, but certainlyContinue reading “Flu Shots: Report From Spring Break 2020”

Does the Presence of Superheroes Encourage Petty Crime?

I’ve got another item from my Facebook archives today (this one’s from February 21, 2014): So I’ve been wondering what the effect of superhero presences would be on crime rate in a given area. Generally, superheroes deal with a few select high profile crimes–those committed by supervillains. Because of narrative selection, we tend to seeContinue reading “Does the Presence of Superheroes Encourage Petty Crime?”

Something’s Up in Muncie: A Writing Prompt

Thursday last week was like one of those episodes in a sitcom where there’s multiple plots going on, and the most interesting plot is put in the background, so that the main characters only sometimes see glimpses of what’s happening. That’s me. I’m the main character. And I have no idea what was happening inContinue reading “Something’s Up in Muncie: A Writing Prompt”

Joy Without Talent

One of the best therapists I ever had had a way of asking questions that haunt me, in a good way. And lately I’ve been thinking about just one of those episodes, where he would posit a question that would turn my thinking around. On that day, we were working on separating self-worth from work,Continue reading “Joy Without Talent”

Normal People Are Weird

content warning: depression, suicide When I was in 6th grade, I tried to kill myself. Well, more accurately (as far as I’m concerned), I tried an experiment to see if I could kill myself, but therapists tell me that’s the same thing. That same year, I had a friend who was starving herself. I alsoContinue reading “Normal People Are Weird”

Things That Are Incompatible With Christianity

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the U.S. That means we’ll hear all the usual “I Have A Dream” platitudes. In churches yesterday, hymns were sung along themes to honor the reverend doctor, such as traditional Aftican American spirituals. In the U.S., the word “Christian” is often conflated with conservative, Republican, etc. It’s aContinue reading “Things That Are Incompatible With Christianity”

Ok, I Actually Liked Cats

Every time I visit my soon-to-be-in-laws, my movie knowledge increases immensely. They like movies and watch a lot of them. My soon-to-be-mother-in-law wanted to watch Cats. So did I. Her sons did not. We took the opportunity and dropped the menfolk off at another screen for another movie and settled in for some whimsy. AndContinue reading “Ok, I Actually Liked Cats”