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Diversity Representation in Children’s Media that Isn’t Working

Today I want to tell a story. I want to tell this story because, while I’m not a specialist in disability studies of any kind, I’m a disabled person, and following the work of those specialists has lately really helped me understand my own stories. I’m hard of hearing. My sister has exactly the sameContinue reading “Diversity Representation in Children’s Media that Isn’t Working”

Does the Presence of Superheroes Encourage Petty Crime?

I’ve got another item from my Facebook archives today (this one’s from February 21, 2014): So I’ve been wondering what the effect of superhero presences would be on crime rate in a given area. Generally, superheroes deal with a few select high profile crimes–those committed by supervillains. Because of narrative selection, we tend to seeContinue reading “Does the Presence of Superheroes Encourage Petty Crime?”

The Best Way To Meet Santa

The classic image of taking children to meet Santa is the mall or department Santa. Kids and their parents wait in lines in the temples of capitalism, training kids to ask for things and running everyone’s patience thin. The moment is rushed and quickly commemorated with a photograph, which usually comes at additional cost. ThisContinue reading “The Best Way To Meet Santa”