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Apparently It’s Suicide Awareness Month?

***Serious Content Warning: suicide, self harm. Seriously. This one’s raw. . . . So, apparently September is “Suicide Awareness Month.” Let me just start by saying This Sucks. Seriously. I hate it. All those blithe “You have so much to live for, I’m always listening, here’s the suicide hotline” shareable posts. If you share oneContinue reading “Apparently It’s Suicide Awareness Month?”

Normal People Are Weird

content warning: depression, suicide When I was in 6th grade, I tried to kill myself. Well, more accurately (as far as I’m concerned), I tried an experiment to see if I could kill myself, but therapists tell me that’s the same thing. That same year, I had a friend who was starving herself. I alsoContinue reading “Normal People Are Weird”