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old Portfolio

I have included a mixture of professional and personal work here. This portfolio includes materials I have designed to help students, colleagues, and myself.

The academic column includes a sample of a lesson plan and worksheets that I developed as a result of my research on genre; it also includes an essay on how nostalgia interacts with player practices when playing videogames; finally, it includes some research on the nature of genres themselves.

The creative writing includes a range of writing, including some non-linear storytelling. “The Bloody Slipper” is a complete short story that retells Cinderella with a twist. The Princess and the Necromancer is a script for a text-based game in progress. “The Old Rocker” is an improvised short story done as an exercise while I was reading through Gail Carson Levin’s book Writing Magic. Finally, there is an excerpt of a complete fantasy novel, The King of Quela.

The pragmatic writing includes a mixture of multimedia writing and production for a range of audiences, including presenting research and providing instructional material. The formatting videos were produced as revised versions of the videos I had produced for my own students; these videos were created for use in Ball State University’s digital textbook Ballpoint. The presentation was created to help other instructors consider how they might effectively gamify their courses. Finally, the promotional video for the University of Arkansas was a project commissioned by the Brown Chair of Literacy and undertaken by myself and another graduate student. We co-designed the project, and I completed almost all of the digital editing.

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