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Halloween, Grace, and Kindness

If, as it should be, Christianity is marked by a desire to, as scripture tells us, do justice and love kindness (Micah 6:8), if we are truly to love our neighbors and understand that all the people whom God places in front of us are our neighbors, then Halloween is the most Christian of holidaysContinue reading “Halloween, Grace, and Kindness”

Nostalgia and Christianity

Although certainly many people who call themselves Christian today cling to the idea that the past was better than the present, I suggest that nostalgia is incompatible with Christian theology. Nostalgia requires a belief that things were better in the past than they are now or will be in the future, mistrusts youth and newness,Continue reading “Nostalgia and Christianity”

Yes, I Took My Groom Dress Shopping

Here’s the scene: I walk into a bridal boutique that deals in new, used, and vintage gowns. It is beautifully crowded with lovely things. I’m greeted by two friendly ladies, and I explain that I’m looking for a wedding dress. Behind me, my fiance. This wasn’t the first time I’d taken him dress shopping. “AndContinue reading “Yes, I Took My Groom Dress Shopping”

One Big Reason Why Wedding Planning Sucks

I’m in the process of planning my wedding. There are some fun moments, but honestly? It kind of sucks. There’s a lot of sucky parts of wedding planning. There’s a whole tangle of toxic sexist assumptions to work with, there’s the ridiculous marketing, and a whole bunch of other problems. And I might talk aboutContinue reading “One Big Reason Why Wedding Planning Sucks”

Meat As Lessons In Mortality

Over the weekend, I was preparing chicken for cooking. I had bought a whole bird, because I thought I wanted to roast it whole (and it was cheap that way!), but when I decided to cook it, I realized I wanted it cut into pieces. So I started cutting it up, something I don’t thinkContinue reading “Meat As Lessons In Mortality”