Dr. Cox in her official office, probably doing teacherly stuff

I’m Dr. Angela R. Cox. I’ve got a Ph.D. in English Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Arkansas, and I currently teach mostly first year composition courses at Ball State University. Because I’m easily distracted by shiny objects, I’ve got a wide range of shifting research interests, but you can expect my research to be focused on intersecting traditional kinds of analysis with non-canonical texts, especially things like retrogaming. I’m also interested in valuing voices of audiences, especially fan communities, and amplifying student voices. Finally, I am pretty sure that genre is everything.

I write fantasy fiction in worlds of my own design.

I also write about my other interests, which include cats, cakes, cats, sewing and costuming, cats, weaving, nail art, and mostly cats.

If you want the full professional Curriculum Vitae, click here.

This blog is my personal blog. Right now there are two main features:

Work Thursdays are posts about writing, teaching, or research. These are more professional in nature.

Miscellany Mondays are, well, miscellaneous. Sometimes light, sometimes instructive, always thoughtful


Disclaimer: The views contained in this blog are my own and in no way represent the views of any organization I may be affiliated with.

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