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Front Paw/Back Paw: a Game For Flexible Cats

I want to play a game with you. It’s called Front Paw/ Back Paw. The rules are simple: you try to figure out which paw is which in a picture of a cat that is jumbled up, as cats do. My little one Legend is very good at this game. So here we go with an easy one. Which paw goes where?

Got it? I’ll put the answers at the bottom.

Here’s another:

And another:


Second to last:

And one more!

I hope you enjoyed this game! Do your kitties play front paw / back paw?

Here’s the answers. Front paws are in circles, back paws are in squares.

Front paws in circles, back paws in squares.
Triangle for tail!
Yes that’s a hind leg. But it’s definitely a front paw! (The back paw is under her chin)

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